The Cost Of Imitation And Fakes

The Cost Of Imitation And Fakes

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Neoz Lighting was founded in 1983, with our factory and design studio based in Sydney, Australia, birthed from a small innovative and passionate team of designers that wanted to ‘delight’ the hospitality industry with high quality, uniquely designed cordless table lamps.

That we did!  and continue to be the leaders in our industry…why?  We strive to ensure our product is to the highest standard with the strictest quality control and the mindset of no compromise!  Being proud parents of original design and avid believers in ethical sourcing and manufacturing. ensuring product integrity to our clients is the number one priority.

But alas…

The world of design and manufacture is fraught with copycats luring customers with their unbelievable low prices and seemingly the same exact product.  It is with this thought we ventured into the dark alleys of the interweb and actually sourced ourselves one of these lamps for a little comparison.

The impact of careless production…

Here (pictured above) in our design studio, we show our award-winning 'Cooee 2c' cordless lamp (left) alongside a copy we procured locally online in Australia on the right for about a third of the price.  What a bargain I hear you say, and on initial inspection of the online image (usually stolen images), they are very similar to the untrained eyes.  It is only when you look closer that your bargain becomes a considerable disappointment.

The first obvious difference is the use of generic metals and finishes, real brass, copper and other genuine material is not comparable to generic plated steel.  Your attention is also drawn to the corners of the imitation lamp as they are a lot softer with an uneven brush finish displaying inferior craftsmanship, the general assembly is fragile to say the least, and not of a standard that will provide any kind of longevity.

More worrying, when the casing was opened, even we didn’t expect to see such a careless disregard of integrity. What you see in the below image is the circuit board attached to a non-branded battery cell wrapped in newspaper, this takes barebone to a completely new level.   Consider this is the lamp only folks! the charging equipment made to this standard is another level of dangerous and is a serious concern for users and premises.  Having a product with officially certified safety standards is paramount to function as well as distribution to many countries.

The intangible effects on cheap imitation…

As independent designers producing and manufacturing top standard products in Australia, seeing our clients fall into this price trap is very disappointing and a little heartbreaking. Our dedicated service department has even experienced clients complain to us about our product only to realise that their own lamps have been replaced by those with inferior quality and zero support. Another point to consider and perhaps interesting to know, customers and patrons visiting fine establishments and restaurants are very savvy and quick to spot a cheap imitation cordless lamp, needless to say, this is not beneficial for any high-end establishment.

Neoz is very aware of restrictions in budgeting when it comes to commercial and roll-out projects, however, there is no truer saying than “you get what you pay for”.  Neoz has a range of designs that can cater to all variations of budget. Combining generous commercial pricing with guidance from Neoz project fulfillment professionals you can procure Neoz brand quality for your establishment without the negative compromise.

If you are ever unsure of genuine product, Neoz lighting make their lamps to order, each with an individual serial number and fully tested in our factory before dispatch. Feel free to contact us at and we will be delighted to assist you with your cordless lamp needs and questions.

NEOZ Cordless Lamp highlights and benefits…

  • Neoz is the pioneer of the cordless table lamp designed and made in Sydney, Australia since 1995.
  • Designed for the commercial environment.
  • Warm white CRI 95+ LED provides the best light quality for defining skin tones, food colour, and textures.
  • Choice of battery capacity, light source, and diffuser to suit requirements
  • Red Dot Design, Australian Design Award & International Design award winner
  • Japanese -made Sanyo Li-ion rechargeable batteries, up to 300 hrs on one charge.
  • Easy charging options from 1 to 48 lamps.
  • 3 years warranty & all parts are replaceable.
  • International delivery & approvals for over 100 countries.

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