The NEOZ story


25 years after the very first NEOZ® Cordless Lamp, our products grace literally thousands of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and private homes, in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our latest generation of cordless lamp features our advanced LED technology and proven hardware, and it’s accompanied by a new range of beautifully designed diffusers, crafted in resin, timber, metal, glass and polymer.

Today, as ever, we continue to concentrate on quality design, function and construction, all backed by solid customer service.


After three years of research and development, we have developed a new range of LED bulbs with an industry-leading colour rendering of 95+ CRI. Unlike cheaper counterparts, these LEDs are visually indistinguishable from traditional halogens. All NEOZ Cordless Lamps are now standard fitted with these specially developed LEDs, delivering an 80% energy saving and a 50,000hr lifespan.

In 2014, we released the V4.5 UNO Cordless Lamp System. As the name implies, the UNO features a single high capacity Lithium–ion rechargeable battery cell powering a 1W LED light source.

2000's - EVOLUTION

We began the new millennium with our 3rd generation system and a wide range of new designs, such as the now ubiquitous Egg Cordless Lamp and the one-of-a-kind Medusa. This was followed by the launch of the highly acclaimed V4 system in 2006, the world’s first rechargeable lamps to use lithium-ion battery cells.


The cordless has its roots back in 1995. That’s when we were working on the lighting design for Penfold Wine’s Magill Estate restaurant in the Adelaide hills, with Sydney architects Allen Jack+Cottier.

A major challenge with restaurant lighting is their need to move tables around and still illuminate them appropriately. Chief architect of the Magill Estate project, Keith Cottier, asked if we could design an electric lamp without a cord to solve this problem.

He thought candles were messy and didn’t provide enough light. We said yes, and so began the design and development process.

What surprised us at the time was that there were no off-the-shelf battery recharging systems that would suit our requirements. So we designed our own, exactly to our requirements. The end result was the Magill cordless table lamp.


Our innovative low voltage track lighting systems — Lightrail and Lightwire — proved very effective. And popular. They were flexible enough to form any shape, allowing customers to achieve exactly the lighting effect they needed. These systems are still illuminating many of Australia’s homes, art galleries, restaurants, museums, including the Visitors’ Information Centre at Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) National Park in the red centre of Australia.


Artist/photographer Anne Gothe and industrial designer Peter Ellis founded Neoz Lighting in 1983. Our mission was to create original luminaires of the highest quality construction and design. Our first factory was in a farm shed in the Bellingen valley, and in 1985 we moved to an old 1920s building in Manning Street, Rozelle in Sydney. Here we designed and manufactured site specific lighting for commercial projects like Darling Harbour Festival market place, Argyle Arts centre and the Rocks street lights.