Introducing Bellingen – A Celebration Of Timber

Introducing Bellingen – A Celebration Of Timber

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Timber has timeless style and here at NEOZ, we wanted to create a new lamp design that celebrates the beauty of timber, particularly Australian timber, in a sensual form. We created a shape that accentuates the delicate wood grain, which envelopes the lamp control unit.

Camphor Laurel Timber

The Bellingen lamp is crafted from the wood of the Camphor Laurel tree in Dorrigo, a small town located on the Northern Tablelands, in northern New South Wales, Australia. The town is part of Bellingen local government area and this charming part of NSW is a magical place close to the heart of the NEOZ family. Hence, why it was fitting to name a lamp celebrating timber and honouring this region, the Bellingen Lamp.  

For the first Bellingen lamp, we selected locally sourced Camphor Laurel timber, known for its rich multi-coloured timber, extraordinarily strong dark grain and its characteristic crisp camphor fragrance. The timber’s grain is usually interlocked with a moderately fine and even texture, impressing us further with a high natural lustre. The body is finished with a clear, natural hard wax oil protection, making it hardy and resistant to the elements.  

Camphor Laurel timber is a natural dynamic material and every piece is unique in colour and grain pattern. The heartwood varies widely in colour from pale to mid brown and is often streaked with darker brown or red. This makes the Bellingen lamp the perfect handcrafted creation to celebrate how imperfectly perfect timber is, just as nature intended.  

Water Resistant

The body of the Bellingen lamp is finished with Osmo satin oil, a natural hard wax oil protection making it also water-repellent and dirt-resistant, with the finish being resistant against most drinks that may come into contact with it (we’re talking wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water). 

Sustainable Luxury 

The Bellingen lamp is primarily constructed from sustainably sourced timber with a solid brass lamp shade holder. The timber is prepared and crafted by local craftsman Jack Buchanan, a 2nd generation woodworker.  

We locally source sustainable Camphor Laurel timber following strict sustainable practices. Harvested in Northern New South Wales in Dorrigo, the whole process from logging, drying, turning, and finishing are documented.  

Although listed as vulnerable/endangered in Eastern Asia (where this species originates), Camphor Laurel in the northern New South Wales and Queensland region is actually considered as a weed and are an invasive pest on Australian native life. NEOZ has sourced Camphor Laurel trees from the riverbanks of Northern NSW which are inhibiting the local native species from growing freely.  

Because Camphor Laurel is a highly invasive evergreen tree that has a harmful ecological effect on the local native ecosystems, we are working with local communities to identify trees that should be removed and turn them into the Bellingen lamp that we present to you today.  

Often, these trees have already been cut down and wait to be burnt on bonfire piles, so at NEOZ we hold onto our values of sustainability and do our best to collect these Camphor Laurel timber piles before they are burnt, and transform them into the beautiful Bellingen lamp.   


As for the lampshade, the Bellingen offers a choice between a handmade cotton lampshade or a pressed glass lampshade. 

Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Camphor Laurel is a dense, evergreen tree producing a hard-wood timber that is known for its rich honey-coloured woodgrain, which is fragranced with and reminiscent of the crisp and clean camphor smell of its leaves when crushed. Its timber is a natural anti-bacterial because of the natural oils embedded within the timber, hence reducing microbial growth. This makes the Bellingen a great hygienic addition for any hospitality space or personal space at home. 

Proud New Member Of The NEOZ Family

NEOZ is proudly Australian and supports local craftsmen and artisans in the creation of its many lamps. The Bellingen Lamp is no exception. 

This seductively shaped lamp is made of dominantly Heartwood coloured Camphor Laurel and is a pleasing addition and the perfect natural touch to any environment. Whether in a luxury resort or outdoor home setting or if you have an appreciation for natural and handmade materials, this unique cotton shaded lamp will be a very aesthetic focal point.  

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