Custom Lamp Shades: Bespoke Vision Delivered By NEOZ

Custom Lamp Shades: Bespoke Vision Delivered By NEOZ

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

“If it looks right, it is right.” – Dorothy Draper

Neoz cordless table lamp designs are world renowned and grace the tables of hundreds of prestigious eateries and establishments in over 101 different countries, all unique with their own personalities. Our clients’ table lamp shades need to be the perfect fit without compromise.


We are pleased to find that our clients want to merge our functional timeless designs with their unique vision to create a personalised effect for their specific interior design. It takes a lot of planning, budget and time to create a space with the wow factor!

Engaging with our trusted local and international suppliers of quality fabrics and materials, Neoz has built a fantastic network of shade and lamp making expertise.

  • Fabric and material procurement – Connected with multiple avenues for fabric and material sourcing globally
  • Design and technical guidance – Our in house designers work to ensure your vision can be built and delivered with integrity and measure compliance
  • Production – Neoz uses the expertise of our trusted longstanding shade makers, machinists and finishers locally, whilst utilising our on-site production and assembling
  • Quality guarantee – We only deliver the highest quality products and accept the highest standards in production
  • Project Management – Working from start to finish to ensure the finished product arrives within agreed and required timelines

Designs such as the VictoriaAlbert and Ritz will showcase a bespoke lampshade like no other, with the standard options or Brass, or Chrome finishes, even the lamp body itself can be tailor-made!

Our clients are not limited when it comes to design and can go way beyond the lampshade. See more here.

Our team of experts is ready to have the discussion you need about custom cordless table lamps and will start the ball rolling to work on your project requirements and create the unique table lamp for your venue. Start the conversation and contact us.


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