How To Inject A Little NEOZ Luxury In Your Everyday

How To Inject A Little NEOZ Luxury In Your Everyday

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Having the right lighting design to create the perfect ambience not only is a reflection of the mood your space reflects but also a reflection of your sense of style. NEOZ provides an award winning range of LED lamps to match the perfect space and personality. With 2021 bringing on a refreshing start for many, here are our must have battery operated lamps to brighten and inject a fresh and luxurious touch of ambience to the spaces you’ll be using the most this year.

Home Office Elegance

Working from home in 2020 has gone from an occasional perk to a company mandate as traditional offices closed during the height of the pandemic, which saw the biggest change to work arrangements for many. With research suggesting 75% of workers believing employers will continue to support future work from home plans, many have re-envisioned the home office space to accommodate for this new style of working.

Whether your work from home space is a spacious room or a designated nook that blends in with the rest of your living space, finding the right balance between productivity, style and efficient use of work space will determine how enjoyable your home office environment will be.

The Tall Poppy is what we’re loving for home office elegance and style. The Tall Poppy provides direct down light in a slender form. Featuring decorative LED lights for home, disc light source casts light evenly, widely and glare free. Its robust solid metal diecast construction ensures durability and is available in a range of electroplated and paint finishes.

The Tall Poppy has two awards to its name (the Good Design 2017 Award and the IIDA/HD Product Design 2017 Award), and with its minimal footprint and slender design making it the perfect home office companion, you can bring home award winning lighting design to complete your elegant home office look.

Design tip: The Tall Poppy is available in Satin Black, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze & Satin Silver, all classic and elegant colours to match the perfect home office, but if you’re feeling bold and you’re looking for a more statement piece, then our seasonal limited-edition finish in “Reef” is sure to be a head turner.

Timeless Dining Style

When it comes to dining at home or dining out, a simple meal can be transformed into a dreamy experience by simply adding the right touches to your dining space and décor. Turn your dining space at home into a romantic dinner for two or your hospitality venue into an intimate gathering of friends by adding the perfect lamp to set the tone.

The Owl 1 is our expert designer’s choice for timeless dining style. Designed in 2006 and still proving to be the handsome but trendy design choice with our high end hospitality clientele, the Owl 1 Cordless Lamp features a dome reflector giving maximum direct downlight without glare. It is ideal for table lighting in rooms with views through glass as there is minimal reflection.

Style insiders are also declaring a comeback in mushroom motifs and imagery for 2021, with the mushroom aesthetic making a modern comeback from their 60’s and 70’s roots. With the Owl 1 being reminiscent of a mushroom in design, it is sure to bring back to the table a retro style trend revamped into a modern motif that never goes out of style.

Design tip: The Owl 1 is available in Real Brass, Real Copper & Stainless Steel, all elegant  metallic finishes that will transform any private dining space or be the perfect lighting solution for restaurant interiors.

Cool and Calm Living

The living and entertaining space is a much loved spot to unwind, relax and create beautiful memories, whether you meet friends or loved ones at your beloved bar of choice or decide to bring the socialising at home, you’ll need the perfect Neoz companion to illuminate the familiarity of get togethers or the calmness of home living.

With its pure minimalistic form, the Ice Square perfectly complements most interior settings and is a firm favourite for many designers including Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel. The Ice Square provides a beautiful, soft ambient light to any design space thanks to its sand-blasted frosted glass exterior and omni-directional illumination.

The versatility of the Ice Square design means it can provide functional illumination for outdoor alfresco dining, bedside lighting or dimmed down to provide a discreet mood light for lounges and bars. Its minimalist square design means it blends in well perfectly for all indoor settings, and its durable frosted glass weighing 1.6kg means it can withstand outdoor settings, and provides up to 66 hours of continuous illumination so you can truly enjoy your living space as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Design tip: The Ice Square is available in white only but you can select between 2 sizes being the Ice Square 100 (100mm x 100mm top square) or the Ice Square 85 (85mm x 85mm top square), but if you like the illumination of this lamp but prefer cylinders over squares, have a look at our Ice Round lamp.
View our award-winning range of cordless lamp lighting here and start enjoying a little NEOZ luxury in your home or commercial space by getting in touch with us today on +++(02) 8488 7566.

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