Sustainable from the beginning

From the very start NEOZ was created upon sustainable practices and we are dedicated to prioritising this locally and globally. This hasn't been an afterthought, it has always been our way.

Materiality that demonstrates intention

We believe a product's materials speak volumes about its purpose. We craft our pieces to endure, using the finest materials, components, and finishes to ensure longevity and minimise landfill waste. Committed to responsible sourcing, we're phasing out virgin plastics in favour of bio-plastics and post-consumer recycled materials. This ethos extends to creations like the Bellingen lamp, crafted from sustainable sources, local Camphor Laurel - a testament to both quality and environmental responsibility.

We made the choice to make it last

From the very first Cordless Lamp, NEOZ has prioritised sustainability. We craft long-lasting products with modular, serviceable designs, maximising their lifespan. Our lamps boast superior performance, a robust right-to-repair program, and an industry-leading warranty, ensuring you own a piece of lighting excellence that minimises environmental impact.

Sustainable momentum

Each NEOZ innovation embodies our unwavering commitment to a cleaner future. Our N1 technology, with its 20% reduced component count, minimises e-waste throughout its lifecycle. We believe in responsible stewardship, evidenced by our long-standing lithium-ion battery recycling program. At NEOZ, success is measured not just by profit, but by a commitment to people, planet, and the enduring sustainability of all three.