How To Style The Perfect Dinner Table

How To Style The Perfect Dinner Table

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Christmas is just around the corner! This annual event is a fabulous opportunity to reconnect and celebrate with friends and family over great food and wine.

When hosting a Christmas party (or any other event for that matter), a beautiful table setting will really set the mood for your event — socially distanced this time, of course.

Here are our top five tips for styling a dinner table your guests won’t forget.

1. Pick a theme or colour palette

From classic to coast-inspired or country chic, choosing a theme or colour palette for your Christmas event will make your table extra special and your styling choices simpler. For a traditional setting, opt for festive colours such as red, white and green. For a sophisticated feel, consider using white and neutral tones with pops of copper or gold in your centrepieces, lighting or cutlery.

2. Layer it up

Layering your table setting will add interest, texture, depth and contrast. For timeless elegance, start with a crisp white or soft grey linen tablecloth. Build on this with a table runner, which can be as simple as a beautiful piece of linen in a contrasting colour. Next, add your centrepieces, lighting, cutlery and linen napkin layered over the tableware. Avoid overdoing your setting by choosing a few key pieces to take centre stage.

3. Use an eye-catching centrepiece

No sophisticated dinner party is complete without a beautiful centrepiece. Place mini Christmas trees or fresh flowers of your chosen event colours in small vases along the length of your table. Or bring life to your table by laying fresh foliage, such as eucalyptus, at the centre of your table. Another great option is to place elegant Christmas baubles in bowls or scatter them over the table.

4. Make it personal

Handwritten place cards are a nice addition to any dinner party. Make your own or choose from one of the many stunning designs available online on websites such as Etsy or Papier. For a festive take on this tradition, create a small personalised gift, Christmas cracker or decoration for each guest. Whatever you decide, make sure it fits with your party theme or colour scheme!

5. Choose beautiful lighting

Beautiful ambient lighting on the table will stimulate the senses and create a relaxed and comfortable feeling for your guests. For a fresh take on traditional candles, consider cordless lamps. Not only will these unique pieces be a talking point with your guests, but you can also recharge them and bring them out for entertaining time and again.

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