Owl 2 Antique Bronze

The 'Owl 2' cordless lamp showcases a powder coated body that features a cylindrical opal diffuser that emits a soft and cozy light from the sides and the bottom.

This compact lamp is ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

All NEOZ products are shipped in a presentation box and include your purchased NEOZ Lamp, an N1 Charging Base & User Guide.

Our N1 Charging Base includes wall plugs for AU, UK, EU and USA as standard.

We're here to help you find a tailored, professional lighting solution for your business. Let's create an extraordinary experience for your clients today.

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The NEOZ difference

Why buy from us?

Assembled to order in Australia

All orders are hand assembled and quality controlled at our factory in Sydney, Australia.

International shipping

Our delivery promise is to have all orders dispatched within 5 business days.

Service & repair

All NEOZ products are designed to be serviceable & repairable. We're still servicing lamps that are 20 years old!

5-year warranty

We offer a no hassle 5-year warranty on all our products to ensure peace of mind with your purchase.


All you need to know

Design by
Peter Ellis, Tammy Chiew

Year of design

Sidelight & downlight

Material options
Painted aluminium

190mm x 90mm / 7.48in x 3.54in


3 levels - low, medium & high

IP rating
IP64 (N1)
IP52 (PRO)

Approvals & standards

EU energy regulations
Exempt - LED lamps operate on batteries

All parts are user replaceable including battery, light source & diffuser. NEOZ also offers repairs and service.

Country of origin
Sydney, Australia

N1 - Panasonic Li-Ion 3.7V 2900mAh - 500+ Full Cycles & Replaceable
PRO - Panasonic Li-Ion 11.1V 5800mAh - 500+ Full Cycles & Replaceable

Light Time Range
N1 - 17.5 Hrs (High) to 55 Hrs (Low)
PRO - 66 Hrs (High) to 310 Hrs (Low)

Charge Time
N1 - 3.5 Hrs
PRO - 8.5 Hrs

Power Source
100-240V switch-mode electronic power supply. Approved for worldwide usage supplied with appropriate mains electric plug type.

NEOZ warrants the cordless lamp range for 5 years from the date of purchase.

For further info, visit: neoz.com.au/warranty

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