N1 Cordless Light Engine

Our 6th generation N1 Cordless Lighting Engine is our most technologically advanced and efficient system. N1 works harder for you by delivering more brightness, for longer and faster recharging.

A built to last, ‎serviceable system

Since its inception the NEOZ cordless lighting system was designed to be modular, offering maximum flexibility, serviceability and expandability across the life of the product.

An industry leading 5-year warranty

‎We are so proud of the design, build quality and finish of our products, we offer an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Designed by lighting designers for designers

NEOZ is an award-winning design house that designs and manufactures an industry-leading lighting system, used by architects and designers across the globe.

Trailblazers of cordless

25 years ago we created the first cordless lamp for Penfolds Winery. Since then we have been developing and creating award winning cordless lamps, making NEOZ one of the leaders in cordless lighting technology.

Experience NEOZ cordless lamps first hand

Our dedicated sales specialists are ready to discuss your project and show you how NEOZ cordless lamps could elevate your space.