Our Top 3 Cordless Lights To Transform Your Home Living

Our Top 3 Cordless Lights To Transform Your Home Living

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Lighting décor in our homes often don’t get the attention they deserve. Taking the time to creatively think about home lighting design ideas for each room of the house is underestimated. It’s amazing how a minor design detail like small LED lamps can have an aesthetic impact on any room and change emotions, mood, and well-being.

And with many of us spending more time at home these days, it makes sense to invest in good quality home lighting that sparks joy, calm or relaxation. The premium range of Neoz LED battery operated lamps are the perfect way to transform any home space from the energy of a productive day to the ambience of a relaxing night. 

Here are our top 3 cordless LED lights that are perfect for any home space. 

1. The Owl 1 

The Owl 1 cordless lamp continues to be a top choice amongst our high-end hospitality clientele because of its handsome mushroom design and its ability to inject a little bit of luxury when dining out. So when eating in at home, why not bring in a little luxury lighting into your dining space by using the Owl 1 cordless lamp.  

The Owl 1 features a dome reflector giving maximum direct downlight without glare. It is ideal for table lighting in rooms with views through glass as there is minimum reflection. The Owl 1 also is the perfect shape for any table and can particularly soften the rigidness of rectangular-shaped dining tables.  

The Owl 1 cordless lamp comes in a real brass, copper or stainless steel finish making it a feature in and of itself. The Owl 1 draws your attention to the dining table, inviting you and your loved ones to share a home-cooked meal, bonding over new memories with the ambience of luxury. Eating together at the dining table has never looked or felt so good! 

2. The Tall Poppy 

The Tall Poppy cordless lamp is an award-winning LED lamp with its minimal, slender design. It barely takes up space and yet provides the right balance of LED disc light source which casts light evenly, widely and glare-free. 

The Tall Poppy provides direct downlight in a slender ribbed form. Its robust solid metal diecast construction ensures durability and is available in a range of electroplated and paint finishes like Satin Black, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze and Satin Silver.  

The Tall Poppy would be the perfect coffee table companion to any living space or living area, creating an ambience of calm and comfort. This elegant lamp invites you to sit back on the couch and enjoy movie night alone or with loved ones while you indulge in a carefully curated grazing platter, which is lit up perfectly by the Tall Poppy. Movie nights at home just got more magical! 

3. The Victoria 

The Victoria cordless lamp radiates vintage charm with its refined body and handmade pleated silk lampshade. It can transport you back to a time of simplicity without the distraction of modern technology and inspire you to create some quiet time for yourself.  

This slim, refined cordless lamp provides direct downlight and soft diffused sidelight. It’s available in two distinctive body finishes: ‘Lacquered Forged Brass’ and ‘Aged Brass’. Hot forged from a single ingot of raw brass, the ‘Lacquered Forged Brass’ Victoria cordless lamp is CNC machined, polished and lacquered for long-lasting, deep lustre. The ‘Aged Brass’ is achieved by applying a proprietary rapid chemical aging process to a brass body. The result is an authentic ‘living’ finish where the surface will evolve as you use the lamp. 

The Victoria would be perfectly nestled between two aged leather style armchairs within the living room to create the ideal spot for meaningful conversation. Alternatively, station it by an accent chair near the fireplace or heater to create a cosy and charming reading nook you can sink yourself into without a care in the world. Regal and relaxing is what comes to mind when you have the Victoria cordless lamp nearby! 

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