Not All LED's Are Created Equal

Not All LED's Are Created Equal

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

LEDs come in many different formats, output, efficiency and colour quality. At Neoz, we believe our cordless lamps should not only look great aesthetically but also produce a light that is very natural, complimenting skin tones and food colours, a light source perfect for the dining environment.

We have developed and manufactured an energy efficient warm white LED (2600k) and warm candle LED (1800k) capable of producing a colour rendering index of 95+. This value quantifies the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The difference between the inferior multi-colour RGB or cool white LED and our high CRI LED is stark as demonstrated by the images below.

The image on the left shows a lamp equipped with a cool white and low CRI LED. These LED light sources typically offer good efficiency, but at a cost to colour fidelity and colour performance. Neoz’s cordless lamp, on the other hand, creates a vivid and nicely saturated illumination that looks natural and pleasing to the eye. We want you and the world to be seen in the best light.

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