Multiple Lamp Carrier For NEOZ Lamps

Multiple Lamp Carrier For NEOZ Lamps

Oct 25, 2023Gabriel Tam

Need a solution to premature wear & tear? One question we have received from existing clients is “How can we combat early wear and tear on the finishes of our cordless lighting?”

Neoz table lamps are known for their superior quality, unique design and commercial functionality, with a reputation born from homegrown passion and diligence, so when we receive constructive feedback from our clients, it is crucial for us to talk about solutions.

It is important for our designs to look aesthetically pleasing throughout their time in operation, from year to year complimenting the quality interiors of the establishments they grace.  Premature wear and tear have proven to be a concern for some clients.  The good news is the damage can be avoided with the right handling and care. Given that 99% of lamp handling is by staff pressed with precious time constraints, the specially made battery lamp carrier is the perfect solution.

The benefits of using the multi-lamp, Neoz lamp carrier

– Faster preparation time
– Prevents wear and tear
– Ability to carry 12 lamps at one time
– Partitioned non-abrasive compartments
– Made with strong materials
– Two sizes to fit Neoz lamp designs
– Flat packed for easy storage
– Easy to assemble

6 Lamp Carrier
Designed for the average-sized and weighted lamps such as:
Cooee Range, Owl range, Smaller Glass ranges Cylindrical lamps (excluding Ritz)

4 Lamp Carrier:
Designed to accommodate our taller and heavier lamp ranges including
Medusa, Gem, Ice 100, Egg, Shaded lamp. All lamps can be used in the taller bag. (excluding Ritz)

Please email  or call Australia +61 2 9810 5520 to discuss the best wireless lamp holder options for your designs and to place your orders.  Available to purchase online –

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