Customer Testimonials

All of us here at NEOZ are grateful for the continued support of our loyal customers like Café Sydney who have been using our cordless lighting products since 2000, or architects such as Jean Nouvel in Paris who have specified Neoz on several projects around the world. We would like to share some of the thank-you notes.

  • Katherine Kelso, PA to General Manager

    I am pleased to announce that we received the lamps and they are now being used in the Gallery. We are very impressed with the design, function and quality of the product.  

  • Jocelyn Danque, Purchasing Coordinator

    I can tell you the ships have happily implemented the table lights (Ice Square 85) you supplied with us recently. So much in fact they are interested in added them to other rooms onboard.

  • Charlotte Kruk, Press Relations

    All the lamps arrived in Paris on time. The same day they were in the private apartment and he (Jean Nouvel - Pritzker Prize Winner) was very happy with the light. He loves this product.

  • Martin Brudnizki, Interior Architect

    Lighting is arguably the most important part of a restaurant interior, it sets the mood and dictates the diners’ experience. We wanted to create a seductive and glamorous ambiance. On the tables, diners are able to chat over individual brass table lamps (Victoria), complete with ruched silk shades. We wanted to hark back to The Ivy’s heyday and lighting was a crucial element to the success of the project.

  • Amy Gatehouse

    Incredibly charming and thoughtful business. Mandy and her team were a pleasure to liaise with from Hong Kong! We had first seen their products at a Prada event and thought they were divine. The quality is amazing and they certainly bring a lot to the restaurant Madame Fu in Hong Kong, where their Albert lamp sits in their Fu Bar upon all tables. You won't think twice about purchasing from Neoz, a truly seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Rob Honeywill, Managing Director

    The FF&E is a critical part of the lighting chemistry; the tone and brightness must play with space as part of the overall scene. An important part of the brief (for The Ivy project) was that each of the tables should have its own glow to light guests’ face, so our rather original solution was to equip each table with a cordless, rechargeable LED lamp by Neoz, which has three brightness settings.

  • Christiane Ramsay Scicluna, Baroness of Tabria

    The time has come to re-assort our beautiful Neoz restaurant lamps. We are simply thrilled with them they are simply fantastic. Since you sent us your information re spare parts we now know that spare parts are available and that we can replace bits and pieces and how to do it. Good.

  • Grant Cheyne, Architect

    The battery powered lights gave us the solution for bringing light to the table tops as lighting from above was not an option. I chose the Cooee 2c (for Eleven Bridge) because it was compact and suited the design but importantly reflected all light down to the table top hence avoiding any glare.

  • Gerardo Olvera, Associate Creative Director

    We love Neoz products and we will always specify them in our lifestyle projects as we believe they are the best cordless lamps in the market. Attached is an image of Sketch Gallery restaurant in London, where we put 50 lamps (Cooee 2c Brass) to illuminate the tables.

  • Jules Cope, Captain

    After buying your excellent product for myself on Leander I see my brother Giles on Anna has gone the same way. I think all major superyachts should have them they are such a find. I will carry on recommending them to my contemporise and clients

  • Sujin Jung

    Thank you for NEOZ's immediate dispatch again. We took them in hands yesterday, and put the lamps on the restaurant's table right away (El Olive Busan). We are so satisfied with NEOZ Cordless Lamps. In the night time NEOZ lamps were extraordinary...

  • Michael Ramnauth, F&B Manager

    Over the least years we have twice ordered polymer Neoz lamps for our hotel. They have proved very durable, multi-useful and popular. So much so I have passed on details to guests and residents who have in turn bought them as presents or for personal use.

  • Andrea Toma, Business Administration Manager

    The lamps arrived and as from website and it looks gorgeous!

  • Nicholas Belfield, Associate

    The best supplier of battery operated lighting I know of is Neoz in Australia.

  • Peter Carlyle, Sounds of Silence Manager

    I recently purchased 30 of your lamps and it's safe to say I am a very satisfied customer.

  • Gary Doucet, F&B Manager

    I am working on an expansion project that will include some ranges of NEOZ lamps. I purchased 2 sets at our opening and we are extremely satisfied with them.

  • Geoffrey T. Silva, Partner

    The 24 Fritted Eggs (Saffron) we purchased last year were a big hit at our oceanfront restaurant on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, USA. We would now like to consider lights for our interior tables.

  • Peter Bentel, Architect

    We designed the new restaurants at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Thank you for your beautiful products - I would be proud to have them in my own home!

  • Norm Lofthus

    We love your cordless lamps at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California. Congratulations and thank you for creating the absolute perfect patio lamp that Californians having been longing for for the last hundred years!

  • Camille Fesneau, General Manager

    We already had the pleasure to work with your company in 2014\15, and we would like to purchase another 15 lamps Ritz for our new lounge.

  • Oliver Naufal, Project Development Manager

    Great visual impact, beautiful esthetics and finishing. Don't be discouraged by the price because they will last a long time and are of very high quality. We use them in hotels we design and they are integral to dinner moods.

  • Jan McKenzie, Director of Operations

    We love our rechargeable orange lamps and could not imagine Cafe Sydney without them - they are as much a part of Cafe Sydney as the view! Thank you for a wonderful design.

  • Julia Thaler

    3 years ago we ordered some Neoz (Owl Cordless Lamps) from you. Now we would like to order additional ones, because we really like your product. (Cooee, Wood, Collins, Egg)

  • Victoria Farrugia Galea, Architect

    The Neoz lamps have been a great success at the restaurant we designed and the client is very happy with them. In fact he informed me that he purchased more lamps for his restaurant."

  • Eunice Heng, Executive Manager

    We have been specifying your product for a number of our current projects in the region and have also used it for our previous project. We have specified your light fitting on projects at Cowrie Cove Mactan Shangri-La Resort in Philippines and also Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort in Maldives. We look forward to specify your products for our future projects.

  • Alan Barclay Cook

    I first knew of Neoz lighting back in 2001 when I opened the Rivoli bar at the Ritz hotel in London and then used neoz lighting again in the Hyatt Regency the Churchill London and now once more on this new project we have just opened in Southern Ireland the old bank, Dungarvan Co Waterford. Neoz lighting is the optimum in table lighting and no other product comes even close to the quality and efficiency of Neoz. Love Neoz lighting and will use again when possible.

  • E Eid, Owner

    Highly recommended, we purchased 25 of the Cooee 2 for our restaurant and we are very pleased with their quality and the ambience they have added to our dining room. We did a lot of research before we made the investment and we are delighted with this premium product and outstanding service. Thank you Mandy and the whole team at Neoz.

  • Justine Cummins, PR & Event Manager

    Last year we hired 26 Egg V4 cordless rechargeable lamps from you for a dinner in the Paspaley boutique. They were absolutely stunning and worked so well. I would love to be able to hire 20 of these lamps again for an event.

  • Mohammed Sadiq, Assistant F&B Manager

    Two years before we purchased NEOZ lights from your company and I must say thank you for providing us such a durable and good looking product. I would appreciate if you quote us for some replacement glass & batteries.

  • Slawomir Bielicki, Team Leader

    All I can say is that the lamps (Cooee 3c Brass) in the bar are absolutely phenomenal and would like to thank you on this occasion for all your assistance and patience.

  • Susan Borden

    A belated thanks for the splendid NEOZ lamps. We are delighted with the product in every way. It has completely changed our ability to entertain outdoors, on the seaside, without very expensive, corrosion vulnerable wiring.

  • Guillaume Derhille, Owner

    We received the package yesterday. Just to tell you how satisfied we are with the new LED’s (1800k Warm Candle), it’s really awesome in the restaurant & on the terrace, very warm & cosy.

  • Nicola Horan

    Hi I bought a cordless lamp from you around 5 years ago I think it was the owl lamp... I love my lamp and have had great use out of it over the years.

  • Rochelle Gibbs, Interior Designer

    Our clients at the Byron at Byron Bay resort loved your Cooee copper table lamps so much they want to place another order for an additional 20.

  • Kasper Brønd Sørensen, Technical Manager

    Thanks a lot. And by the way as a compliment, we enjoy this great product a lot. (User of Egg Cordless Lamp since 2013)

  • Pelle Ring, Owner

    Im pleased to announce that the order is for Royal Highness Silvia Queen of Sweden ! Can you send it direct to Royal Castle?

  • Harry Kladis, Assistant Manager

    Back in 2015, we purchased from you the Cooee 3c Brass Cordless Lamps, and we are pleased with the product. As it has been almost three years, we are looking to replace them with something new. I was wondering if you could provide us with a catalogue where we could check new ideas and products.

  • Jens Erik

    We are very happy for the lamps, use them in our house, in our apartment in Spain and at the present on our boat. Beautiful all three places. We have been sailing together with my business partner and very close friend Jeanette and Jørgen, and they would like to have some too.

  • Eric Otero, Assistant Manager

    First let me start by saying that your product (Egg Cordless Lamp) is a piece of functional art that in itself is beautiful and also enhances the beauty of my club. My Jazz club is open 365 days a year and I constantly receive positive remarks from my customers regarding your product.

  • Gabby Timbs, General Manager

    Just wanted to let you know we had the Cooee’s out on the tables last night and they looked amazing! Thanks again for the quick turnaround, we really appreciate it.

  • David Fesq, Owner

    We are interested in using your lights for our new cellar-door/restaurant we are building for our winery. We know them well from years spent working with them at restaurants in Sydney.

  • Sebastian Swarbreck, Director

    The lamps that your team make certainly make accessorising them a joy (Albert Cordless Lamps for China Tang Harbour City). I now own one myself and it never fails to garner comment.

  • Dave Ghui

    ...I purchased (2 Eggs) over 10 years ago. They are fantastic and are used nearly every night on our dinner table.

  • Tony Choy

    Great night at the IWC pilot's watch event, the Neoz Lighting light was a big hit amongst us for a great source lighting for our wrist shots.

  • Chris Upton, Owner

    Thanks to the Team at Neoz for your support. Everyone is loving the new fit out & especially the lamps !

  • Michael Venables, TV Director

    Shooting large scale reality sequences on location has always been a challenge. Ensuring we have the flexibility in an unscripted environment is crucial to a successful shoot. Used in a both restaurant scenarios and small intimate table setups, the Neoz lamps enabled us to reduce the amount of additional lighting required.

  • Peter Davies

    My lamp arrived promptly yesterday and I am delighted with it. It is a great product, well packaged and accompanied by an uncharacteristically intelligent instruction book. On a domestic level, it is unlikely that I will need another one but I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who does.

  • Dennis Tsakiris, Owner

    I was on a business trip in Japan and saw your product at the Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo. Beautiful product, they had the Owl range cordless on their tables. We have a restaurant in Singapore and would want to procure some lamps from you. (Blue Klouzina is now the proud owners of the Owl 1 Cordless Lamps).

  • Emily Yong

    Useful NEOZ lamps that you may use indoor and outdoor. It brings so much class and elegance to a space! We are proud to have NEOZ part of our private business club named MARK - at The Work Project Singapore

  • Daphne-Rae West

    We recently enjoyed the ambiance of Neoz lights at Vila Joya, Portugal, and were delighted to learn that these are Australian made. I am interested in purchasing four cordless lamps plus four recharging devices.

  • Alan Hayes, Director

    We purchased several Ice Square lamps several years ago for our personal use. They are still operating flawlessly and we have subsequently recommended and specified them to numerous clients.

  • Danielle Belotti, Associate Producer

    We could not imagine celebrating the 10th season without the beautiful table lighting from Neoz Lighting!

  • Lyndall Bailye

    We have several Medusa lamps that we have used constantly outside for over 15 years. Love the product.

  • Captain Nicholas Ocobock

    I hope this finds you well. We are interested in purchasing replacement batteries for our lamps. We have gotten almost 9 years out of them!

  • Takafumi Kumeno

    Greetings from Chilly Tokyo! We have purchased your beautiful products back in 2013. For our new restaurant in Japan, we would like to chose your products again which is the Cooee 2c.

  • Lutfi Al Hashimi

    I'm interested in purchasing a single table lamp for my outdoor seating area. Ii'm really interested in making a purchase (as) nothing comes close to the NEOZ quality that for sure.

  • Greer & Marty

    It does not surprise us that your company has received the 2017 GOOD DESIGN Award. The responses we get from friends is so positive.... amazed at their construction. Congratulations......

  • Susanne Kraus, Director of Technical Services and Operations

    Having implemented Neoz products in some of our projects, we find that these work very well for Six Senses properties.

  • Nora Rothrock

    Thanks so much! I love your lamps – I was introduced to them at Soho House in London and can’t wait to have them at my home too.

  • Karina Kelly

    It is so good to be able to buy something both designed and MADE in Australia for friends overseas.

  • Jenny Cameron

    Have just bought two beautiful Margarita lamps for our dining room table (no more candles, and definitely no more accidents, such as the one that left a nasty black mark on the table!). These lamps look fantastic. Mandy was AMAZING to liaise with - she was so helpful and offered great advice when I asked. I'm so proud that this product is being manufactured in Australia (and was thrilled when Mandy said she would take my order straight down to the factory floor - love the idea that these are all made-to-order). The images on the website are beautiful, and I'll have to dream up some reasons for ordering more (a few fritted eggs, and a few coloured gems).

  • Bennie Cronje, Director of Photography

    As director of photography on Masterchef it is always a challenge to light an intimate table setting within a restaurant on a large scale. Since I began using Neoz lights many of these challenges have been circumvented with their dim-able battery powered lights that can be placed on any table or in any position within a restaurant. The lights have a great warm soft glow that creates the desired ambience and above all is very flattering to skin tones. With todays light sensitive cameras these lights can easily be used as key lights and with a choice of multiple shapes and forms they make ideal practical lamps that can fit in with various set designs.

  • D. Warnock

    I first saw the rechargeable hand blown Neoz egg lights when dining in a rooftop restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic. I was blown away when I turned them over to see they were made in Australia. I have since bought two sets of two lights which I use daily at my home and a matching set at my holiday home. They are amazing quality, and provide an adjustable enchanting soft light source. I dropped one and broke the glass, but was able to order a new glass with clear instructions about how to fix. Now they are starting to age after 5 yrs and I have just ordered replacement rechargeable batteries online. They are always a talking point in my kitchen/entertaining area.

  • Alan Boddy

    I am delighted to say that the three lights have arrived and I am writing to say that I could not be more pleased. They are precisely what I wanted and am most grateful to you and NEOZ.

  • Carl Johan Kansmark

    Hi Neoz, last weekend I stayed at a Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden (Görvälns Slott) and saw your lamp Victoria for the first time. I think it is one of the finest table lamps I have ever seen. Is there anywhere in Europe where I can find this or do you plan to start shipping to Sweden? (Yes we do)

  • Dorothy C

    Your company provides excellent customer service as shown by your helpful email. I'm so glad to have bought my Ice Square and will look to buy more in future.

  • Amanda Thornton, Program & Operations

    As you know, I approached Neoz initially because the use naked flames or cords to lamps criss-crossing the room is not possible in the exhibition galleries. Neoz cordless lamps have proven to be not only a perfect solution, but give more oomph to the event than I ever hoped for. Their superb design, reliable performance and beautiful engineering sits right at home with the gallery’s modernist aesthetic and own attention to quality and polished detail.

  • Lesley Purcell, Procurement Manager

    On behalf of the Annabel’s FF&E team, I am writing to say thank you very much for all your hard work on this project. We needed everybody to give 100% in terms of both product quality and service, and the time constraints made for some demanding challenges! We really do appreciate your efforts and everything you did to help create such a wonderful end result. Looking forward to working with you again on future projects.

  • Richard Markwell

    I want to compliment you and your company for OUTSTANDING customer service- prompt and courteous reply to queries, fast turn around of the order and very impressive protective packing! Given that these were sent from Australia, they arrived more quickly than most products if I had ordered them in UK!! And in better condition! I am delighted with the lights- this is an excellent product!   

  • Billy Chong, Owner

    Certainly a very cool product... looks great in our restaurant!!!

  • Andy Jacoora, Venue Manager

    We bought a bunch of lamps for our restaurant, MoVida Aqui (Melbourne), best buy ever!

  • E. Claessen-Andrews

    Thank you very much for looking after us so professionally. It is really good to know that retailers such as yourself actually care about their customers and their product. We will be very delighted to show off the lamps and tell everyone where they came from.

  • D. Siddle

    We just wanted you and David to know that we are extremely happy with our Neoz lights. They are terrific and with three units, we can rotate them in terms of use and charging. It is good to see such professional service and a great product.

  • Anny Levanque

    I have received my two units lamps repaired and the new ice square lamp when i arrive in my hotel in Sydney today. Thank you so much for all. I am always delighted with the after sales service of Neoz lighting and the efficiency of its staff! I hope to meet you one day in your showroom, but I have never time enough when i come in Sydney.

  • Adeniyi Falodun, Procurement Manager

    "Please be informed that we have received the goods. Many thanks. Your product has been highly acceptable to our Hotel and this i will like to replicate in all hotels, bars and restaurant across Lagos."

  • Lutz

    10 years ago, we purchased our beautiful 5 Neoz lamps in Australia. They give us lots of joy, wherever we moved and lived. Currently we are back in Germany. Some batteries seem to have reached their end of the life span. Is there any chance to get new batteries for them? (The answer is of course, YES!)

  • Cameron Peters

    The true masters of the Cordless Light, they (Neoz) have a proprietary charging system, so there is no point nicking their lights. And remember what has to happen at the end of the day at the 48-table restaurant? Neoz will sell you a trolley that takes 48 of their lights. Look through their range and you’ll find some really good pieces. The simple form of Ice Round suits any interior.

  • Ed Poole, Director, Architect

    I ran into Simon Dornan yesterday at FHA Singapore Expo. He told me the story about a Neoz Egg that was stolen from FIRE at W Bali. I did not know that your items have serial numbers that are tracked to each purchaser, resulting in the item being found in the UK. This story makes my point stronger for clients to purchase your products.

  • Dan Drackett

    Good thing our daughter's wedding reception on July 28th was illuminated by about ninety of your amber gems.  With 266 seated dinner guests and the Peter Duchin orchestra performing, a transformer between us and the street blew up, killing all electricity to the house for two hours.  With the light from the two fireplaces, the amber glow of a room full of gems, and the band playing acoustically (no amps) the party continued festively until 4:00 AM.  Without these fabulous lights, the wedding would have been a catastrophic disappointment!

  • Paolo Algeri, Owner

    We receievd the lamps this afternoon (Ice Square 100, Ice Square 85 & Wood Cordless Lamp), everything ok. Precision, punctuality and impeccable service! Regarding the lamps .... well ... simply WONDERFUL!!

  • J Little

    Your lights are very handy when the power goes out. I was stuck for about a week a few years ago. A storm had blocked the roads and bought the power lines down. I thanked your lights and my bottled gas BBQ!!