Victoria Empire Cream Cotton Lamp Shade with Custom Trim

The Victoria empire cream cotton lamp shade can be customised with a range of ten curated colour trims.

Whether you desire a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, our custom trim allows you to create a lamp shade that reflects your unique style.

Priced from AUD $161 + GST
Lead time - 30 days
Minimum order quantity required

If you'd like a quotation or more information on our custom lamp shade range, please click here to submit your details and one of our sales team will be in touch shortly.

The NEOZ difference

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Assembled to order in Australia

All orders are hand assembled and quality controlled at our factory in Sydney, Australia.

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Service & repair

All NEOZ products are designed to be serviceable & repairable. We're still servicing lamps that are 20 years old!


All you need to know

Gabriel Tam, James Perry

65% Rayon Cotton
35% Polyester Cotton

Trim options
Pantone Palette

DIA 120mm x H 114mm
DIA 4.72in x H 4.48in


Fire rating

Note - Lampshade M18 fastener required to secure lamp shade (included with cordless lamp or available for purchase separately)

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