Meet our new Tall Poppy

23rd March 2017

We are proud to introduce 'Tall Poppy', the latest addition to the award-winning Neoz Cordless Lamp range. Our latest design has been designed to provide twice the brightness, a wider glare-free light coverage in a beautiful ribbed zinc alloy diecast body.

The 'Tall Poppy' is fitted with a 2600k warm white LED that produces 100+ lumens of glare-free downlight for over 10 hours on one charge. With an industry leading 93+ Colour rendering index (CRI), our cordless lamp provides a superior rendition of food and skin tones.

With durability in the hospitality environment in mind, the lamp is die-cast in zinc alloy for robustness, the lamp is nicely weighted top and bottom for greater stability on the table.

In order to achieve a superior level of fit and finish, each lamp is individually handed polished before electroplating or paint process is applied. The 'Tall Poppy' is available in 5 colours including two luscious electroplated finish ‘Satin silver’ and ‘Satin Brass’ as well as three painted finished.

Last but not least, this new table lamp is free of chemical adhesive as only mechanically fasteners and snap fit components are used resulting in superior repairability. The lamp can be completely disassembled for repair and recycling.

The Tall Poppy is available now, for more information, please refer to our product page.