Bi Lamp at Sushi Garage Miami

14th December 2016

Commissioned by fellow Australian lighting designer Thomas Paterson of Lux Populi, Mexico for Sushi Garage Miami, the "Bi-Lamp" is a clean sheet design created to address a specific need. The result is a completely new cordless lighting solution for restaurant table lighting.


Set in a former auto body shop in Miami's Sunset Harbor, Sushi Garage is the latest project by restaurateur Jonas and Alexandra Millán together with their executive chef Sunny Oh from the popular Juvia. Inside this spacious open plan restaurant, you will find dozens of koi fish sculptures suspended from the high ceiling, flanked by warm timber walls, green kitchen tiles and on every table our unique table lamp.


'Bi-Lamp' this peculiar and memorable name stem from the two level construction of the lamp not dissimilar to a bi-plane with a seemingly floating light source support by two thin legs on top of the lamp control unit that also acts as a condiment tray.

The Bi Lamp features a 134 lumens light source producing a beautiful warm white (2700k) with a CRI ratings of 90+. Together with our 3 cell Li-ion battery cells, the lamp provides 8 hours of wireless operation in the brightest light level setting.

We are currently refining this design and hope to bring this lamp to our regular product lineup in 2017.