History of Neoz Lighting

    Designers and makers of lighting since 1983


    Today, as I write in mid 2014, our finely crafted NEOZ® Cordless Lamps™ and furniture illuminate literally hundreds of the finest restaurants, hotels, resorts and private homes in over 100 countries around the world.

    The latest UNO system featuring our latest LED technology and accompanied by a new range of beautifully designed diffuser have been positively recieved by our customers in the hospitality industry.

    We continue to concentrate on design, function and construction quality backed up by solid customer service.

    80s' - In the beginning

    In the beginning, when my artist/photographer wife Anne Gothe and I started Neoz Lighting in 1983, we concentrated on creating table lights and task lighting of high quality construction and design. We continued with custom designed lighting for commercial projects in Australia being awarded a commendation from the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia.


    90s' - Innovation Breakthrough

    Our innovative low voltage track lighting systems — Lightrail and Lightwire — proved very effective due to the flexibility of the system to form any shape allowing for optimal lighting and visual effect to be achieved. We were awarded the Australian Design Award in 1998 as well as an award of Excellence from the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand.

    They are still illuminating many of Australia's museums, art galleries, restaurants, homes and even the Visitors' Information Centre at Uluru (Ayer's Rock) National Park in the red centre of Australia.

    Mid 90s' - Birth of the Cordless Lamp

    Some years later in 1995, after the idea of developing a cordless lamp had already been on my mind for years, we were working on the lighting design for Penfold Wine's Magill Estate restaurant in the Adelaide hills with Sydney architects Allen Jack+Cottier.

    A major challenge with restaurant lighting is their need to move tables around and still illuminate them appropriately. Chief architect of the Magill Estate project, Keith Cottier, asked if we could design an electric lamp without a cord to solve this problem. He thought candles were messy and didn't provide enough light. We said yes, and so began the design and development process. We wanted eight hours of light, dimmable and effective at illuminating the table and its diners.

    What surprised me at the time was that there were no off-the-shelf battery recharging systems that would suit our requirements—amazing when you consider the multitude of rechargeable devices in the world. So, we designed our own, exactly to our requirements. This first lamp used rechargeable NiCad batteries and had very basic, hand-assembled control electronics. The end result was the Magill cordless table lamp -the evolved version still in use today as a premier battery operated lamp.


    2000s - Further development

    Battery control electronics and assembly have been redesigned and refined several times over the years by our electronics engineers. In March 2000, each cordless lamp gained its own programmed microcontroller to charge, monitor and control a NiMH battery pack, as well as to provide lamp switching and dimming functions. The new modular design enabled us to add other functions such as security and remote control.

    Lithium-ion batteries were introduced in January 2006, which extended the life of a single recharge to 33 hours on the low intensity setting and the expected battery life to 1000+ recharges. NEOZ® V4 Cordless Lamps™ are the world's first rechargeable lamps to use lithium-ion battery cells. We chose Li-ion cells because they offer very high energy discharge to size advantages, and therefore greater light time. They are also very stable in varying temperature conditions.

    The V4 system is an evolution of the successful V3 range. Its design is based on our marketplace experience and aims to address the specific requirements of clients in the commercial hospitality sector and the home user market. Broadly, we have designed an intelligent cordless lamp range which will be equally appropriate as a fine dining restaurant table luminaire or bedside table lamp at home.

    The V4 system comprises a range of cordless lamps, base stations, diffusers, power supplies and recharging trays and trolleys—all designed for ease of use, even in the most commercially demanding situations. To date, we have designed and manufactured in Australia 34 different styles of cordless lamps, plus colour variations and custom design requests. NEOZ® Cordless Lamps™ feature in award winning Australian restaurants including Marque, Rockpool, Sepia and Quay, as well as lighting restaurants in over 100 countries worldwide including The Ritz London, The Plaza Hotel in New York City, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Sandy Lane Barbados and the Jumeirah Group throughout Dubai. Please view our extensive client list and see our lamps in situ.

    2010s' - New technologies

    Whist I still believe halogen light bulbs remain unsurpassed at providing the most natural light of all currently available man made light sources—at an energy saving rate of 5 watts! Nonetheless, as the quality of LED bulbs has improved markedly over the past few years. 

    After three years of research and development, we have  
    developed a new range of LED array with an industry leading color rendering of 95+ CRI. Unlike cheaper counterparts, these LEDs are visually indistinguishable from traditional halogen. All NEOZ Cordless Lamps are now standard fitted with our specially developed LEDs to utilise their inherent energy saving (80% improvement) and long life advantages (50,000hrs).

    In 2014, we released our latest V4.5 UNO Cordless Lamp System. As the name implies, the UNO features a single high capacity Lithium–ion rechargeable battery cell powering a 1W LED light source. A new range of diffuser designs has also been made available to take advantage of the slimer form factors.



    The NEOZ® Cordless Lamp™ range was awarded its first Australian Design Award in 2001, another in 2004 (jointly with 2Design for the Aura illuminated seating system), and a third in 2006 when the judges said of the latest Neoz V4™ technology, 

    "Fabulous attention to detail, great feature set, beautifully implemented development. This is terrific product design."

    The prestigious international Red Dot Design Award followed in 2008, citing 

    "...flexibility...suitable for commercial as well as domestic use...the base station serves as energy supplier as well as control unit for dimming and other effects...Extensive diffuser range for the basic luminaire...matches well with any environment...enables the user to create his own light composition...For the professional user in particular, the system also comprises trolleys (for charging up to 48 lamps at once with a single cable)."

    We were again recognized in 2014 when the UNO Cordless Lamp System was awarded two prizes in the 7th Annual Int'l Design Award, a Gold prize in Outdoor Lighting category and Silver prize in the Urban Sustainable Design category.


    The principal designers were myself, Jackie Chan, Gabriel Tam and Tammy Chiew along with head electronic engineer Trevor Grey of ILID. Special appreciation is extended to Jackie Chan who worked tirelessly on the V4 project for three years.  

    We hope that you, too, will enjoy NEOZ® Cordless Lamps™ and illuminated furniture.

    Peter Ellis
    Co-founder, Director, Chief Designer